Change of focus (a quoted message we never posted)

Change of focus (a quoted message we never posted)

Quote: The game industry is a tough industry and here at Lumi Games it is no different. We have struggled full time for over two years now, and right now the accounts are basically empty. It has been two very exciting years with alot of ups and downs, heartaches, headaches and many awake nights just wondering how we are going to make this work. On our journey we have met many fantastic and fun people who are both new to the industry as well as people who have been in “the game” for a long time. It happens to be a common factor what we are experiencing right now. It is something that almost every game developer experience sooner or later, not because they want to, but because it is an extremely hard business to succeed in.

Change focus before you burn out

If you’re Norwegian you may have heard that a prominent game developer in the norwegian game industry announced a few months ago that he was all burned out, and is leaving the game industry. It was a tough decision for this person, but the right one. Cause when your body and mind stops cooperating with your daily routine it is time to change it. And thats exactly what we feel is going on with us right now. We are beginning to feel burned out, tired, and its not fun to develop games anymore, it has become more of a hazard and a chore, and thats not what we want.

But we are not giving up. We started this company because we loved being creative and create small games that was fun to play. We are still going to do that, but more on a hobby or part time scale.

What will we be focusing on if we are not gonna make games? Well, we are not leaving the digital world just yet. We are going to focus on apps and different softwares directed towards companies for now, but we are also going to finish at least two of our planned mobile games when the company can stand on its own two feet again. We are not sure exactly when that is, but know that we are doing our very best every day to provide you with awesome softwares, apps and games as well as doing whats necessary for our own survival. It has been a tough but necessary decision we have had to make to try and secure our very existence as a company, but it had to be done. We should have done this much earlier, but we didn’t realize it until now. We truly hope that whoever reads this understand our decision. And if you are a game developer yourself, here is a tip:

Never give up on what you believe in, but be smart about it so it doesn’t burn you out or stop being fun and exciting”.


Thank you for reading.

Erik and Alex 

End Quote”


BUT!, we where so lucky that a governmental institute called “Viken Filmsenter” in Drammen Norway saw potential for the second time for our project “Karma”, and decided to fund us once again :D This totally changed the way we see the future of the company and us as individuals. So I want to thank them for their continues support, and for believing in us and our project.

We may change and downscale the project alittlebit so that its easier to overcome, but still keep the basics that we presented a while back. Its going to be great! At the same time we are focusing on what we mentioned in the huge quote at the beginning of this post. We need to focus on so called “safe money”, that means projects we know we will get a certain amount of money from, and not gamble the way we have done for over two years. We need to stabilize the company and that means doing other projects then just games. Its a very hard competition when it comes to games, and the chance of actually make a successful one is very low. We will keep on making Karma, Tetra and ParticleBOOM!, but the latter two are not our main priority. Our mains is to survive as a company by doing projects like websites, apps etc, and of course making a alpha version of Karma.


I hope you guys will still follow us on facebook and continue to read our blogposts and show your support :D Thank you all for believing in us and following us. We will prevail! :D



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