ParticleBOOM! Stripping it down to basic

ParticleBOOM! Stripping it down to basic

For about three years we have been working on a game called ParticleBOOM!, and many times we thought we where closing in on the end of the development… but once again that turned out to be not true.. We have now decided to go back to the pure basics of the game and start developing it from scratch again. We are also going to use testers to give us feedback throughout the development.

Our part time team member Martin is the only one working on this project at the moment, and when he’s done setting up the much needed systems, we will focus on getting the graphics in place as well as knitting it all together. We chose to strip it down because it got way out of hand for a long time with new features added all the time. Now its a more “modern” take on the first ideas we had for the game where chaining of particles are much more in focus, and where you as a player have more controll of what you are doing and we made it much easier to understand. The game is most likely going to be free until a certain level in the game, and to get the full version you will have to pay around 1 dollar for it. This is not because we are a couple of greedy buggers, but because we have been working such a long time to give you the best game we could possibly make, and because that game is gonna be so insanely cool! So its gonna be worth every cent, we promise you that. :) And quite frankly, we are sick and tired of playing games which spams you with adds and video commercials.. That would just ruin the whole experience of ParticleBOOM!.

There is no deadline when it comes to particleBOOM!, its ready when its ready. This is because our main focus is now on Karma and other smaller not-game related projects for funding. Below you can see a a couple of the new ideas for the game, with a little explanation.


Here you can see the HD particles in action when chaining. For those who dont know what particleBOOM! is I will try to explain it in the simplest way possible. ParticleBOOM! is a chain reaction game where you push your finger on the scree to activate an explosion. It forms an expanding circle around the place you touched with your finger, and if that circle hits a particle, the particle will emit a new circle and give you points. You have basically three touches every wave (level) of particles. The screen starts out empty and then the particles shoots up on your screen from the bottom up, when they reach a certain point they will start too drop down again (gravity). Your job is to popp as many particles as possible with your three touches. Every time you touch a little timer will occur making it impossible to start a new chain/explosion from your touch in a couple of seconds. This is like a cooldown. Your job is also to start three chain reactions and combine then by placing them strategically around the screen. When they combine you will multiply the scores of the particles you popp after the merging of the chains. So if you merge two chains, all the particles poppes by that chain after the merge will double the score, the same will happen when three chains are combined, but that will multiply it with three. When a player touches the screen the particles will start to move in slow motion, this is for the player to read the scene and figure out where to touch and start the next chain.


There is also a time pool shown in purple on the top of the second picture, your job is to keep this pool from running empty, and the only way you can do that is to reach an unlock. So the timepools function is like a timer which tells you how much time you have until you have to reach a new unlock. You can see the unlock bar under the timepool. The stars on the top left of the screen shows you how well you have done in the current wave. The stars also fills your time pool, so the more particles you popp, the more stars you get, the more time you get in your pool, and that again makes it easier to reach the next unlock. If you look closely you also see a little hand, a green cross and a wave counter. The hand tells you how many touches you have left in this wave. this resets to three before every wave. The green cross shows you how many particles are currently being popped in the chain you have going. So the higher the number, the more score. The wave counter simply show you which wave/level you are on. And I guess I dont have to explain the score in the top right corner. :P


The third picture shows the unlock screen (dont mind that the unlock bar isnt filled up in this picture). When the “Next unlock bar” is filled up, you will enter a new screen after the current wave is done. This will show you the new particle you just unlocked. Your job is to hit this particle (like a crazy person?) as fast as you can and make as many particles popp out of it. These particles will popp and explode by themself, so you only have to popp the big one. When its done the new particle will be ready from the next wave, and the least valuable particle you had available will no longer exist. You can only have a total of five different particles in a wave, so when a new particle is unlocked, it will take the place of the least valuable one. What is cool about the unlock screen is that every particle you popp adds time to your time pool as well as points to your total score. So to reach an unlock screen is pretty awesome! :D Remember that no matter what you score is, the “next unlock bar” always starts at zero again, this is so that the chase for the next unlock is the same no matter how good you been playing, except a good player most likely would have more time in the time pool then a newbie has :)


So basically, ParticleBOOM! is a very simple game to understand but very hard to master. We are not completely sure yet if we are going to have a max level, but most likely we will end the game on wave/level 100, and the first 20 will most likely bee free. There will be over 40 particles to unlock, a 100 levels that will change depending on the progress of the player. There are no special powerups or in-app purchases or anything like that,  its only a pure reaction and skill based game. The soundtracks and fx will be soothing and relaxing, and so will the gameplay be.. well kinda… it can be very stressful and frustrating when the timepool is running out, and you still havent reached the next unlock :D


Oh and I forgot to mention one more awesome thing about this game. Remember the timepool? (which I mentioned countless times already.. :P).. Well, something happens when you fill it up to a hundred percent. All your particles on the screen the current and next wave will be supercharged, that means the particles will start at 4 times its value, and by chaining and merging the chains it can reach up to a total of six times their value! But remember that the supercharger only works for a limited time, and that when its over the particles returns to normal value, and the time pool sinks down to 50%. So it is a huge risk, but the reward is possibly worth it?


Do you have what it takes to master ParticleBOOM!? Leave a comment below in this post and tell us why or why not :D


Your Lumi Games Team


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