Exciting times at Lumi Games

Exciting times at Lumi Games

Hi there fellow Lumitics, long time no see.

We have not forgotten about our loyal friends who visit this page on a regular basis, but we have been really busy developing Karma. Thats a good thing right? :) As the headline says, it is very exciting times at Lumi Games these days. We have applied for funding by two of the major governmental founders for games and movies in Norway, and we are waiting replies as we speak. This will make or “break” us (well,we are never going to give up on our dreams). It will make it much easier for us to develop Karma and other games in the future if we get funded, but no matter what the outcome, we will always survive and we will always do our very best to give you Lumitics the games you deserve :)

We believe strongly in what we are doing, and thats a very good and fundamental key for success.

I really hope you guys keep on following us on Facebook, (its still mainly in Norwegian), sharing our posts, engage in conversations and asks us questions, and ofcourse play our games in the future as well as in the present.

Thank you for your support.


Erik B. Skjoldhaug

CEO and GFX Artist@Lumi Games

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