Imagine a world, a world where everyone is connected to everything. A world where everyone and everything is emitting its own karma onto others, and therefore changing everything in their path. Imagine a world where you are merely an influence on the  people living in it, may it be a good one or a demonic one, its all up to you. just imagine the possibilities. How will you help shape the world?

Karma is a game where you as a player act as an karmic influence, a whisper in the wind or a soft voice in the dark hours of night. You as a player have no real control over what will happen to the inhabitants of this world, but you can change it to better suit your personal needs. So how would you influence a person, a comapny, a politician, a teacher or the society as a whole? Would you help making the world a place for growth, harmony or peace, or would your inner demonic side run free and help creating a police state or a criminal syndicate?

Imagine all this happening in your pocket, a world living on its own all the time, a world you can check in on and influence anytime you want. Remember Tamagotchi? :D




Karma, a game we presented a few months back is moving in the right direction. After a longer discussion with fellow game designers, our investors and within Lumi Games, we have found a new and exciting direction for karma. We have to be honest with ourself and actually realize that we cant make the biggest games in the world as long as we are only two people working full time, so we have to downscale this game just the way we downscaled ParticleBOOM! (a game thats not yet finished…..)  Often one has such grand ideas for a game, that one forgets that it actually has to be made as well, and thats a trap we are kinda tired of falling into, so we decided to keep the game really simple and then build on it.

First Karma was originally meant for desktop via steam, and it still kinda is. But we are going to make a handheld version of the game first, a simpler version that falls into the “Play on the go” direction we want to focus on. We still want to develop the desktop version, but developing a handheld version to test out the core mechanics is a better way of doing it when we are such a small team. The game will still be the same, so nothing is going to be left out per say, but its going to be a little bit lighter. Its also a game that fits more on a handheld device then on desktop. We will present the new ideas as soon as we feel ready to present it. We truly hope you guys follow us on this one, and please share and comment below!

Thank you guys :D


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