ParticleBOOM! is Lumi Games main project, and it has been ever since we started in 2012. The game is hurling towards the finish line as we speak, but there is still a few things that needs to be in place before its release.

Short description:

ParticleBOOM! is a chain reaction game where your goal is to popp as many particles you can with limited touches/explosions. Your goal is to clear the screen, get bonuses, unlock particles, reach bonus levels and make it all the way to the end before the time runs out.
Can you manage to unlock all the particles and reach wave 100?

When will ParticleBOOM! be released?

ParticleBOOM! has no release date yet, but we are working as hard as we can to get it out asap!
And by asap, we mean in a couple of months hopefully.
So stay tuned, and be patient :)

You can also read more about ParticleBOOM! here:
and here:

Here is a link to a video playthrough:


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