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play for charity

At Lumi Games we believe in giving back to others, and be about more than just the bottom line and business. That is why we launched Play for Charity (our own charitable branch) soon after we founded  the company, as a way for us to bring joy to other people in more ways than just with our games. The idea is that we will donate a percentage of the revenue we get from one of our games to a charity or charitable cause. Each game will we release will be tied to a specific charity (although some games may share a charity). You can read below which game is currently associated with which charity. As for right now we are only looking into national organizations (in Norway) as that is easier for us, communication wise but also because we are more familiar with this, but in the future we will be looking to expand and become a global giving charity as well.


Definition of charity: ” An organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need


Projects we will donate too:

Super Selma Project:

A Norwegian foundation which has as its goal to make a fun day and experiences for kids with leukemia and their parents. They have grown much the last year by collecting used bottles for recycling and donations from people. We at Lumi Games want to donate as much as we can of our income on ParticleBOOM! to the Super Selma Project. (Norwegian language at website)

Visit their website


Deaf Aid:

Is a Norwegian organisation which helps deaf kids and young adult pluss their families in Kenya by building kindergardens, schools, wells and educate the people. They also provide free medical supplies to treat the kids of different diseases. We at Lumi Games want to donate as much as we can of our income on Tetra to the Deaf Aid organisation. Lumi Games in contact with its associates have managed to collect football (Soccer) jerseys and shoes for donation to the Deaf Aid organisation which will get delivered to the kids in Kenya late february 2015. (Norwegian language at website)

Visit their website