Designing a ship for PAX HD!

Designing a ship for PAX HD!

Hi there!

I wanted to show you guys how we went about desinging the ship for PAX HD! from start to finish.
As all of you know, the graphic in PAX HD! is pretty straight forward, and not fancy at all, and thats the way we like it. Keep it simple with simple shapes and matching colors.

Step 1:
Find the shape you want to use. Make one yourself, or use one of the pre-existing ones in Photoshop.
We choose to use a triangle.














Step 2:
As you have noticed, the ship and any other objects in PAX HD! is transparent in the middle, and basically just consists of thin lines.
So the next step is to merge the shape with a new layer and CMD+select the shape, then contract it as much as you want. The more you contract, the thicker the line will be.














Step 3:
Now you can add some more details to the ship, like an engine or whatever you feel like.














Step 4:
And now its time to add some color and effects to the ship to make it abit more exciting to look at :).
We played around with both Inner Glow, Outer Glow and Color Overlay and ended up with this. (last picture)


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