Funding for project

Funding for project

Hi all you Lumitics out there, its me Erik again. The last few weeks we have been working on a couple of projects here at Lumi Games. One is an application that is not game related at all (yes we have to do that too to survive in this harsh and cruel competitive society :P), and a game project. And we also have some good and some bad news for you guys.

The Good news is that we got fundings for our new game project from a branch of the Norwegian Film Institute (Viken Filmsenter), so that we can actually breathe again and work on a project for atleast a few months without constantly worrying about having enough money for a slice of bread in the morning.. So thats a good feeling. The game (as you may have noticed on the picture above) is called Karma. We will tell you guys more about the project at a later time, and hopefully we will have some pictures for you aswell.

The “bad” news is that we have had to put other projects like ParticleBOOM! etc on hold for a while. We have been stuck on PB (ParticleBOOM!) for a while, so we actually think its a good thing to be working on something else. We believe that PB is a great game that needs to get out to the public, but now is not the time. PB and other ideas/concepts will get done, we are just going to have to focus on the project we got funded on first.


We will also make a website dedicated to the new project, a socalled “Splash Page” where you will be able to read more about it. And we will naturally share a link to the page here on when the site is up.



So stay tuned, and thank you for understanding.

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