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Would you like to play some addictive, fun ios games? Are you looking for some incredible, cool games that are eye-popping and beautifully designed?  Welcome to our bright, marvelous world. An indie Norwegian mobile development company founded in 2012, we are committed to creating engaging adventures that are intuitive to play and easy to enjoy. Our motto is Play on the go, which inspires us in creating cool, fun ios games that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Then why not let your enjoyment start now, simply download our ios games for free, with just a couple of clicks. Whenever you are looking for some exciting stuff to kill time while waiting in a boring queue at the airport or to brighten up that rainy afternoon, then you might want to delve into some of the magical worlds that our games hopefully provide. Our apps were designed with your fun in mind. Everyone can enjoy the thrilling, imaginative world that characterises our fun ios games. Check out our beautiful, free games for ios below, and be sure to stay up-to-date with our upcoming ios games!  

Our Released Games:

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    PAX HD

    PAX HD Is an exciting new mobile game for iOS and Android that fuses vibrant neon style graphics with heart pounding arcade action and a Tetris-like g...

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