Give something back

Give something back

Its been a while since we have talked about our project “Play for Charity”, which in fact is a very central project here at Lumi Games. Its really more then just a project, its a vision, a way to be and something we feel deep down in our core as human beings. Couse what is success if you wount share it with other. And what really is the definition of the word success? Well, here at Lumi Games, success is not having alot of money so that we can buy alot of things we dont need. No here at Lumi Games success is being able to give something back to the ones that really needs something extra, someone who has less then we do and someone who needs the attension. And quite frankly, being a human being should be reason enough to share what you have with others.


“The excitement to give something back to those who needs it more then you is the best feeling there is. Even if you only have a little extra, share it with others.”

So… We at Lumi Games are planning to give away parts of our income on every project to a good cause. And what is a good cause you may ask.. Well, here is a litte list of people and foundations we have been in touch with so far:


Super Selma Project:

A Norwegian foundation which has as its goal to make a fun day and experiences for kids with leukemia and their parents. They have grown much the last year by collecting used bottles for recycling and donations from people.  We at Lumi Games want to donate as much as we can of our income on ParticleBOOM! to the Super Selma Project. (Norwegian language at website)


Deaf Aid:

Is a Norwegian organisation which helps deaf kids and young adult pluss their families in Kenya by building kindergardens, schools, wells and educate the people. They also provide free medical supplies to treat the kids of different diseases. We at Lumi Games want to donate as much as we can of our income on Tetra to the Deaf Aid organisation. Lumi Games in contact with its associates have managed to collected 30 football (Soccer) jerseys and over 60 pairs of football shoes for donation to the Deaf Aid organisation which will get delivered to the kids in Kenya late february 2015. (Norwegian language at website)

(film made by Cisco)

More projects and donations are yet to come, and we simply cant wait!

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