Karma: “Influence everything, control nothing”

Karma: “Influence everything, control nothing”

Karma: “Influence everything, control nothing”

(Karma is a desktop game for Windows, Mac and Linux)

Karma…. What is Karma you may ask. Well, we will try to answer that as clear as possible, and hopefully it will make sense after reading this little “intro” to our game.


“Karma is in certain religions the spiritual teachings on what effect you actions have on your current and future lives. Its foremost the motive behind your action which is important. The motive behind everything we do creates good or bad karma. All actions, be it active or inactive ones leaves karmic traces in your awareness, these traces will influence all your current and future actions”


Imagine a world, an untouched landscape, created and molded into shape and existence by the laws of the universe. Constantly changing. A world where everything is connected by millions of strings, and where nothing exist without a purpose or a meaning, where everything is a result of what has ever existed.

When you realize what powers lays behind, and how one can use this power to influence and change the future, its easy to be carried away. For what would have happened, and how would the world have been if you exploited this power? How would you use it, and how would that change society and its inhabitants?


“The future is a result of todays past”


What has been influence the choices we make and the direction of the future. This mindset is fundamental is the “Karma Universe”, a universe, a world, a society where everything influence everything, and where you as a player has the power to influence individuals or the society as a whole in the direction you please.

In “Karma” there is no main character or a traditional protagonist, you as a player is nothing else then an influence, a mere whisper in the wind or in someones ear or mind. But do not get to arrogant with your power to influence. For in a world so complex, where thousands of karmic threads are woven into a web of connections, influence and decisions to shape a societies reality you can never be to sure about the outcome.

What if you influence a person to become a politic figure, but later you find out that you have helped a dictator into power, and your little idyllic city is now a brutal dictatorship. Men in uniforms are patrolling the streets, banners are hanging down from the buildings, and none feels safe. How you use your karmic influence is up to you, but you can never fully grasp the potential outcome of your actions.

Welcome to the world of “Karma”.


Some of what makes Karma unique:

  • Auto generated cities
  • Each citizen has unique interests and personality
  • Everything in the game emits an “aura” which influence those around them in a positive or negative way
  • The number of citizens grow or reduces by different factors like crime, aging and birth
  • You can follow a citizen throughout his day or life, and choose if you just want to observe or influence this person in one way or another. You can influence his interests, hobbies, mentality etc which again will have an effect on he’s aura
  • Workplaces will be auto generated and created by the citizens based on their interests and what is needed in the city
  • A workplace is only as good as the ones that works there. For example: a restaurant is only as good as the chefs workings there. So the better the chefs, the better the restaurant. The better the restaurant, the better the food is. The better the food is, the more positive effect it has on the people eating there. And the happier the people who eats there get, the more positive karma they get, and the more  positive effect they have on those around them.


Everything is connected, so be very aware of your choices.

More info about Karma will come soon, so stay tuned. And please comment and share below. We would LOVE to hear what you guys think.

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