MEMO: Dyrene på gården

MEMO: Dyrene på gården

We at Lumi Games wanted to make the best MEMO game ever to help kids learn about essential things like animals, farming, the ocean, the planet, food and alot more.

The first MEMO game we are working on will be called: “Lær med MEMO: Dyrene på gården”, and will be released in Norwegian at first, and hopefully in English and maby other languages as soon as possible.

MEMO: Dyrene på gården, MEMO: Farm animals is a classic memo game for kids at any age. Its fun, exciting and educational

The idea for our MEMO games is that the kids get to play regual MEMO board game where you are trying to find two and two cards that are alike, but also learn about the different animals at the same time. What kind of animal are they, what do they sound like and where do they live, in an exciting new way.

You will also be able to view all the animals without actually play MEMO, so that even the youngest kids can learn about all the animals :)



More info and screenshots will come soon! :D

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