New offices

New offices

For those who follow us on facebook you most likely already seen the news about the new offices we moved into yesterday, but we wanted to share some more information about this. Last year after sitting in Erik and Alex appartements for over a year we got our first official office down in the basement at the IT-Senter in Flå Norway where we “Thrived” for well over a year. :) While working down in the basement, we developed games like PAX HD! which we released early 2014, we worked on ParticleBOOM! which will be released in 2014, and many other exciting projects, both games, websites and different kinds of applications.

Now a new era in Lumi Games history is about to begin! We finally got a new office up at the first floor. The new office is almost twice as big, has ALOT more sunlight, no moist, heavy air or waterpipes screaming every ten minutes, not to mention the buzzing lightbulbs overhead.. So we are pretty excited about moving upstairs. Now we feel more as a part of the growing community of buisiness in Flå, and ofcourse more a part of the local community.

The new office is not ready to be shown to the public yet, but when it is, we will provide some pictures and we may also have a little surspise to our followers. So stay tuned! :D

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