ParticleBOOM! Sneakpeek

ParticleBOOM! Sneakpeek

ParticleBOOM! has been our main game here at Lumi Games for a long time, its actually the second game we started developing after we decided to start making ios games. The development of PB has been hard, long but also very fun. And we have learned so much both as programmers, graphic designers and game designer. And ofcourse what is means to be running an independent game studio. We wanted to share with you a little video of ParticleBOOM! so that you guys can see how far we have comed with our project. So we hope you will enjoy this, and pelase give us feedback on what you think, that motivates us alot! :)
Here you can read more about ParticleBOOM!, and here you can read more about our upcoming ios games and our top ios games.

Thank you all for being patient.





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