Here we are, dear Lumitics, with a new fresh post to keep you updated with the Lumi Games work.

It’s true, we haven’t been updating a lot recently, but as you imagine we are working really hard on our first creature, ParticleBOOM!.

As an indie games development company we do not have fixed schedules (luckily), which means we spend countless hours at night talking about 3D Design (and other things). Proud of being geeks!

Here is a sneak peek of our progress with ParticleBOOM!:


This is a little concept on what one of the Bonus levels in Particle Boom! could look like.

Cool, isn’it? We hope you like it, of course! But most of all, we hope you will enjoy yourself so badly when playing ParticleBOOM! that you won’t let go of your smartphone easily ;)

We are doing our best, and our Facebook page has now reached almost 10.800 fans! Thank you!

Of course we will get back at you as soon as we can, with great news. Stay tuned!

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