Still working

Still working

Hi again all you Lumitics out there!, Its me, Erik. Lead Designer and cofounder of Lumi Games. As you may have noticed, it has been very quiet from our side of the table lately, and some of you may have wondered why. Well, there is a simple explaination to that. The situation at Lumi Games is fragile, we have had to focus on other projects like website ideas, website layout and developing apps for local buisnesses and so on instead of creating games. Its the sad but simple truth that it is not easy to make a sucessfull game, and as a company, and as human beings living in a monetary society we need money. So far we have been able to get some money into the company by doing other things then developing games, so that we one day can actually fulfill our dreams and release the games so have worked on for so long. I (Erik) am now actually hired by Lumi Games, so thats a huge step in the right direction for us.

We are working our arses off to develop the best games and apps we are able to make, but it takes time. So I thank all the people who actually checks out our website for news, that means alot to us. We promise to work hard so that we can deliver quality games and apps in the future. But again, we have to focus on what brings the money into the company.

2014 was a big year for us. We relased our first IOS and Android game named PAX HD!, be sure to check it out. We also worked closely to the local municipality and developed websites and apps together with them. We have also been in touch with several charities and helped them as much as we can on our tight schedual. We have been able to collect football kits and shoes together with a good friend of ours Espen Linnerud (CEO and co-founder at Nano Concept) from many local football teams, that we are going to donate to a charity called “Deaf Aid” which builds kindergardens, schools and medical centers in Kenya. We will also donate parts of our income from one of our future games to this cause.

2015 will be a very exciting year. We have two games that are beginning to look like actual games, and that will hopefully be done this year (depends on what we have to prioritise). We are also working on a secret project as well as an app for IOS. We believe that 2015 will be the start we have been working toward, the year that we build our future on, so we are very optimistic and very excited. We hope that everyone understand that sometimes things take time, and that we are doing what we can as a “two man team” where one is hired in a 30% position.


We at Lumi Games wish all of you Lumitics and ofcourse everyone else a wonderful christmas, and an amazing new year!

Stay awesome!



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